Our Favorite Mini-Games in Mario Party: The Top 100

Our Favorite Mini-Games in Mario Party: The Top 100

Mario Party: The Top 100 will be out for the 3DS on November 10. While it’s not a traditional Mario Party game, it looks like it’s filled with a lot of fun features… and fun mini-games! 100 of the best Mario Party mini-games have been compiled for this collection. Between the trailers and the official website, we’ve gotten to see quite a few already.

Of the revealed mini-games, let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Face Lift

Appearing in Mario Party and Mario Party 2, Face Lift presents you with a character’s distorted face, and each player needs to make their copy as close as possible. It isn’t the most action-packed game, but it’s always pretty entertaining.

Bumper Balls

Bumper Balls, which also appeared in Mario Party 1 and 2, puts each player on a rolling ball as they try to knock one another off a platform. It’s always good for some fun competition.


From Mario Party 4, Booksquirm places the players in the book and then beginsto drop pages onto them, forcing everyone to find holes in the page to avoid being squished. There also was a bonus game called Challenge Booksquirm, although we don’t know if this will be included.

Night Light Fright

Mario Party 5’s Night Light Fright is sort of like a game of Chicken, except with Chain Chomps. As a Chain Chomp charges toward you, you must shine a flashlight on it to make it stop, and the player who lets it get the closest wins. Nothing like a little tension in a mini-game.

In Conclusion

These are four of our favorite Mario Party mini-games set to appear in Mario Party: The Top 100. What are yours?

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