An Interview With the Developers of Cat Quest

An Interview With the Developers of Cat Quest

The cat-themed RPG Cat Quest is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it will be available from the eShop this Friday, November 10.

Intrigued by this concept, we got in touch with the developers to learn more about Cat Quest and its upcoming Switch release.

It probably goes without saying that you must be cat lovers, but what inspired you to create Cat Quest?

Its actually quite a long and interesting story that we documented here:

Is there any particular reason you picked the Switch as one of the first consoles your game would appear on? Will it make use of the Switch’s special features, such as HD Rumble?

It was actually a purely chance thing. We managed to get a meeting with Nintendo, and they really liked the game. One thing led to another, and pretty soon we found ourselves with a dev kit, and were super excited to bring Cat Quest to the Switch. It also helped a lot that bringing the game to the Switch was a relatively easy and stress free experience!

According to the official description, Cat Quest has “the overworld of Final Fantasy, the combat and exploration of Zelda, and the open world of Skyrim.” Most open world games feature a vast world of connected areas instead of a classic JRPG world map, so how do these two aspects work together?

A lot of those games actually share a lot in common, and it was important for us to identify which aspects could potentially work well together. Instead of a traditional open world like in Skyrim, we opted to make it an overworld instead. However, unlike traditional overworlds that tend to restrict players based on the story, we decided to design it like an open world instead. This means that although the game looks like an overworld, it allows the player to freely explore anywhere right from the get go. That being said, there are some areas that are locked behind abilities that players would learn as they play the game ala Zelda.

RPGs are often fairly story-heavy, but many open world games favor exploration over plot. How story-driven is Cat Quest?

We would say its a nice blend between story heavy games like Final Fantasy, and more open exploration like in BOTW or Skyrim. There is a main quest that constantly guides you along, and we do have side quests that give players really interesting mini stories to experience, but we’ve also designed a ton of dungeons for players to find and complete. At any time, you can just wander off on your own to battle monsters, find hidden treasures, or maybe even long lost islands containing really strange inhabitants…

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers about Cat Quest?

We designed Cat Quest to be a really rapid-fire RPG. You can play the game for 5 minutes, or hours and still feel like you’re constantly accomplishing something. We really love open world games, but feel some of them have gotten so bloated through the years, and Cat Quest is our way of trimming down the fat to give a really concise and concentrated experience. For us, this is an open world RPG condensed to what makes them fun and we hope we managed to succeed doing that!

In Conclusion

We’re happy we had this opportunity to learn more about Cat Quest. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on Cat Quest in the comments below.

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