Super Mario Odyssey: Biggest Changes from 64 and Sunshine

Super Mario Odyssey: Biggest Changes from 64 and Sunshine

Super Mario Odyssey is due out this Friday, October 27, and we couldn’t be more excited. Nintendo has made a strong case that this is a return to the open, exploration-driven 3D platforming style of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, but with plenty of new features and gameplay mechanics.

So, for Super Mario 64 and Sunshine fans ready for this next experience, what are some of the biggest differences?

Capturing Enemies

This one is the most obvious. Much like how Super Mario Sunshine employed FLUDD as a major gameplay element, Super Mario Odyssey’s core gameplay involves using Mario’s cap to capture objects, enemies, characters, etc. and take control of them. As a central part of the game, this should definitely make Super Mario Odyssey’s gameplay feel fresh.

No Hub World

This time, you won’t have a central hub world you use to travel into each of the other worlds. Instead, you board the Odyssey (Mario’s ship) and select a Kingdom to fly to. You will, however, be able to decorate the interior of the Odyssey itself with stickers and statues from the various Kingdoms.

Continual Exploration

In the past games, getting a Power Star or Shine Sprite would send you back to the hub world. This isn’t the case in Super Mario Odyssey, where you’ll be able to keep exploring once you get a Power Moon. There are also many more Power Moons to collect than there were Power Stars or Shine Sprites. For example, there are 69 in the Sand Kingdom. While you won’t need to get all of them, you’ll need a certain number of Power Moons to progress, because they are the Odyssey’s source of fuel.

No Lives

There is no life system in Super Mario Odyssey, and you’ll never see a “game over” screen. Instead, you’ll lose coins when you die and respawn at the last checkpoint flag you touched. You can also fast-travel to any checkpoint flag you’ve reached, which is a good indication of how large the Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms will be.


If you’ve seen any recent trailers for Super Mario Odyssey, you’ve probably seen Mario in a few different outfits aside from his usual red shirt and blue overalls. You can buy new hats and outfits from Crazy Cap shops, and there may be other ways to get costumes as well. Any clothing you get will be stored in a wardrobe near the Odyssey’s exit.

Photo Mode

Finally, if you love taking cool screenshots of your games, Super Mario Odyssey includes a Photo Mode that lets you take a picture from any angle without the HUD and apply special filters and other effects to take fantastic Super Mario Odyssey photos.

In Conclusion

We’ll know more about the new features in Super Mario Odyssey once the game comes out this Friday, but in the meantime, these are some of the biggest changes from the Mario games it most resembles, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. What are you the most excited for in Super Mario Odyssey?

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