Top 3 Super Mario Galaxy Worlds

Top 3 Super Mario Galaxy Worlds

We’ve looked at our favorite worlds from Super Mario 64 and our favorite worlds from Super Mario Sunshine, so now let’s move on to Super Mario Galaxy. While it had a different style from Super Mario 64 and Sunshine (and the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey), Super Mario Galaxy sent Mario on a quest to retrieve Power Stars from many cool galaxies, such as…

Toy Time Galaxy

It was a tough choice between this and Sweet Sweet Galaxy, but ultimately the toy-themed Toy Time Galaxy cannot be overlooked. Everything about this galaxy is charming, with trains, robots, an 8-bit world, and areas made out of dessert. (Yes, we’re also looking forward to the Luncheon Kingdom.) The only downside is the Spring Mushroom, because we’d happily go the rest of our lives without playing as Spring Mario again.

Ghostly Galaxy

As usual, we love the spooky themes of Ghostly Galaxy. While not quite as atmospheric as Big Boo’s Haunt or Hotel Delfino, the Ghostly Galaxy includes a delightful haunted mansion and even Boo Mushrooms that turn Mario into Boo Mario. For fans of Boos, playing as Boo Mario was one of the most fun ideas included in Super Mario Galaxy.

Freezeflame Galaxy

Finally, we love the Freezeflame Galaxy. Mixing fire and ice into one world is hardly new for video games, but Super Mario Galaxy handles it excellently, especially with the use of Fire Flowers and Ice Flowers. The Hot and Cold Collide mission was one of the most clever and interesting, and overall this is one of the game’s most memorable worlds.

In Conclusion

These are a few of our favorites, but what are yours? What worlds–or rather, galaxies–from Super Mario Galaxy did you like the most?

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