Miitopia – 3DS [Post Game Thoughts]

Miitopia – 3DS [Post Game Thoughts]

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Having finished up our LP of Miitopia (which is scheduled out) I thought it would be appropriate to jot down some thoughts about the game! In no particular order!

Coming into Miitopia I was really excited for another Mii based game. Being a fan of Tomodachi Life, this seemed to be right up my alley when it comes to wacky and quirky fun. It turned out to be exactly that.

Miitopia is generally not as over the top as Tomodachi Life, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. The best thing about a game like Miitopia is adding in your friends. The game offers up lots of different classes and personality types giving you a wide array of possibilities for game-play. Seeing your friends Mii’s interact with silly banter, battle against crazy enemies, make weird faces during a meal, or just giving them the silliest war cry makes for memorable moments. (ie; Stinky Litter, Hit Me Baby One More Time)

While the game may feel repetitive at times, there is enough to do to break up some of the monotony. As you progress through the game you’ll change classes, lose and gain party members, have your team split up, and have a chance to continue casting your friends Mii’s (or use Mii Central) within towns and in some other cases on a character to character basis.

Meeting up with the Quiz Master can be fun, playing Rock, Paper, Scissors or taking advantage of the Roulette Wheel to get some good items, food, or exp can keep things fresh. The amiibo functionality adds some fun costumes and gives more tickets if necessary.

The game is also quite long and if you try to go and complete every path… you’re gonna be playing for a long time! I chose not to explore every path but even so the game has considerable length with fun plot twists. You’ll also end up doing some side quests and exploring some new areas. All of this is helpful in the long run as your team will level up and get stronger for that final battle.

The enemy variety is quite good and there are a number of memorable enemies including the Twerky which is probably one of the funniest. I also found it fun to battle against the bosses that took your friends faces. During some of these battles I took in-game screen shots to capture some of those moments.

As you progress in the game you’ll open up a lot of options such as being able to change any party members class, access the item/clothes catalog and more. There were a couple of classes I never used but that’s the nice part about the game, you can play how YOU want!

Overall I really enjoyed Miitopia and recommend it if you like Mii based games, and a laid back over the top RPG.



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  1. I have the game but yet to open it. Looking forward to it – looks like a great game.

  2. It’s a fun game for short play sessions!

  3. I had fun with the demo, so I’m looking forward to playing the full game.

  4. You’ll enjoy it Samantha. You’ll have to let me know which classes you like the best.

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