Metroid Samus Returns – 3DS [Post Game Thoughts]

Metroid Samus Returns – 3DS [Post Game Thoughts]

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Having finished up Metroid Samus Returns a couple of weeks back I am finally ready to discuss my experience with you! I’ve been hyped since the reveal at E3 so I came in with high expectations and they were met immediately upon booting up the game.

The game is absolutely stunning in all aspects, from the amazing 3D cut scenes/backgrounds, to the art style, and music. It was very eye appealing and the setting of each area in the game really engaged my sense of exploration. Exploration is key is any Metroid game and Samus Returns does a great job at rewarding you. A handful of times during game-play I may have felt a bit lost, or not sure what to do, and yet after a little more exploring would eventually lead to great rewards. Whether it was looking for that next power-up, upgrade, or hunting down a Metroid, there was always a sense of excitement and a bit of relief too.

The game also does a very good job changing up the pacing and game-play at times. Just when you think it’s time time for another normal Metroid fight, it will have evolved into something unique with different elemental attacks and mechanics. There are also parts a bit later on in the game which make it feel more like a side scrolling platformer, where you have to use all of your knowledge and abilities to avoid this massive drill chasing you from behind.

Aside from these fun and exciting segments, the game also is quite difficult in certain areas which I applaud. At no time did I feel the game holding my hand. Finally defeating a Metroid or getting into a new area gave the sense of accomplishment and it always felt it was because of what I had learned, and what I was able to do on my own.

These are just a few thoughts from having finished up my let’s play. Highly Recommended!

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