5 Reasons I Enjoyed Hey! Pikmin on the 3DS

5 Reasons I Enjoyed Hey! Pikmin on the 3DS

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Having finished up a full LP of Hey! Pikmin on the Nintendo 3DS I wanted to share 5 reasons I really enjoyed my time with the game.

5. Pikmin on the go. Having been a fan of the franchise for many years, having a Pikmin game on a portable console (Nintendo 3DS) was both exciting and different. Even though the game-play on the 3DS is more of an adventure-platformer, as opposed to the adventure real time strategy mechanics the series is known for, it still felt and played like Pikmin overall.

4. The Pikmin! All of the Pikmin you’ve come to love are in this game from the Red, to Yellow, Rock Pikmin, and more. You can take advantage of their special abilities like in previous games and in Hey! Pikmin I feel like I know them better than I ever have before. This is accomplished through short little cut scenes and animations which really help bring them to life throughout the entire game and really give each Pikmin the personality you may not know they had.

3. Bosses! The variety of Bosses is quite good and it never felt as though something was being repeated as I got further along in the game. Most bosses didn’t offer up to difficult a challenge although there are a few which might leave you scratching your head initially. Overall they were quite an enjoyable way to end each Sector and I always looked forward to the battles as I approached that time within the game.

2. Levels. While some levels were a bit frustrating due to making a wrong turn and missing out on important items, I thought overall they gave a good impression of the world these Pikmin are in. The graphics were pretty, colors bright, and it was fun exploring caves, sliding down on a bottle cap like someone snow tubing off a mountain, and more. The sectors are quite diverse and even include water sections.

1. Puzzles. From trying to find all (or enough) of the treasures in each level, or figure out the best strategy of how to access a certain area created an enjoyable challenge. One or two mistakes, and you may not have enough Pikmin to complete a task, or may have totally missed an area you should of went to first. While this can be frustrating, it also made the game a bit more challenging which I can appreciate.

Overall the game is exactly what the title is.. it’s a great entry into the Pikmin franchise for old and NEW fans. Recommended highly!



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