Quest of Dungeons (Review)

Quest of Dungeons (Review)

After our interview about Quest of Dungeons, Upfall Studios sent us a review code for the Switch version so we could delve into the depths of its dungeons for ourselves.

Quest of Dungeons is a turn-based dungeon crawler, although it does not make use of a menu the way many turn-based RPGs do. Instead, each action you take uses up a turn, whether it’s moving step by step through the dungeon or attacking enemies. This is a fun system that lets you fight quickly while still taking time to think through your actions. You pick your class at the start of the game, and that will determine the types of basic attack you can use. As you explore and defeat enemies, you’ll often find skill books that teach you special skills you can activate. You’ll also find new weapons and armor, health items, treasure you can sell, and gold.

Your overall goal is to get through all of the floors of the Mansion you’ve entered, but you shouldn’t rush ahead–if you die, you have to start over with a new game, which means you must use caution and keep an eye on your health. It’s also procedurally generated, so the layout will be different each time. While the environments in a given Mansion don’t vary much, dangerous enemies and the hunt for treasure keep it fresh. The game features multiple Mansions, which you can unlock after completing your current one.

Combat is fairly fast-paced, letting you proceed through areas quickly. However, since you gradually regain health by walking around (though not on harder difficulties) and there are no penalties for doing so, it’s sometimes worth your time to find a safe location and walk in circles until you’ve restored your health. This might sound like it takes away any sense of challenge, but Quest of Dungeons can still be quite difficult, especially when you encounter bosses and other dangerous enemies. Sometimes, your best option is to retreat–if you can.

Its 16-bit art style works well for it, and it also has a rather catchy soundtrack. There isn’t much in the way of story, aside from a premise that parodies fantasy stories and occasionally humorous lines tossed in as you travel from floor to floor. But while Quest of Dungeons might not be your game of choice when you’re looking for a strong plot or flashy combat, it’s a worthwhile option if you want a challenging dungeon crawler with a nostalgic feel.

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