What Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms Have Yet to be Revealed?

What Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms Have Yet to be Revealed?

Nintendo has shown a lot of Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey, and since they’re all vast worlds (possibly with multiple areas in each), it already sounds like a huge game. However, during the recent Nintendo Direct, they said they wouldn’t spoil them all. That suggests there are still Kingdoms that haven’t been revealed.

Confirmed Kingdoms

  • Cap Kingdom
  • Metro Kingdom
  • Cascade Kingdom
  • Sand Kingdom
  • Wooded Kingdom
  • Luncheon Kingdom
  • Seaside Kingdom
  • Snow Kingdom


The fact that we have the names of specific locations within these Kingdoms, such as New Donk City in the Metro Kingdom and Tostarena in the Sand Kingdom, already suggests there’s a lot to them we haven’t seen.

Leaked Kingdoms

The Super Mario Odyssey amiibo packages include glimpses of the game’s map, which named two more Kingdoms in addition to these.

  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • Lake Kingdom


Of course, it’s possible that the Mushroom Kingdom is part of the world but won’t actually be explored during the game, especially if Mario’s “odyssey” involves him trying to get home.

Suspected Kingdoms

  • Jungle Kingdom (actual name unknown)

The Nintendo Direct also said Mario would visit tropical islands and showed a picture of him in a jungle-like environment. This does not appear to be one of the already-revealed Kingdoms.

Other Kingdoms?

That brings us to 11 Kingdoms. Maybe that’s all there is, since not all of these 11 have been announced, but what else could we see? Many fans have speculated we’ll visit the Moon at some point. We’re also lacking a traditional lava world, although the Luncheon Kingdom has a volcano. A flight/sky-themed Kingdom is a likely possibility, too. We’d also love to see some sort of clockwork Kingdom in the style of Tick Tock Clock.

In Conclusion

What sorts of Kingdoms do you think (or hope) we’ll see in Super Mario Odyssey in addition to those already announced? How many do you think there will be? Let us know in the comments below.

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