3 Reasons to Be Excited for Culdcept Revolt

3 Reasons to Be Excited for Culdcept Revolt

Culdcept Revolt will be out for the 3DS on October 3, and we can’t wait. If you’re on the fence, here are a few reasons to be excited for Culdcept Revolt.


1. It blends card game and board game strategy.

The Culdcept games are part card game and part board game, with a strategic gameplay style that has led many fans to describe the series as “Magic the Gathering meets Monopoly.” It is known for being quite strategic, with a lot of different decks you can build depending on your preferred style. If that sounds appealing to you, read on.

2. It has both single-player and multiplayer.

Do you want to fight against the tyrannical leader Count Kraniss or battle against your friends? Culdcept Revolt lets you do both, with a single-player story mode as well as competitive multiplayer that can be played either locally or online. Up to four players at a time can test their skills against each other.

3. It’s the latest in a long-running series.

This isn’t the first time this Magic-meets-Monopoly style has been tried. The original Culdcept came out in 1997, followed by Culdcept Second in 2001 and Culdcept Saga in 2006. It’s been a while since the last game, but now Culdcept is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the release of Culdcept Revolt.

In Conclusion

Whether it’s your first Culdcept game or just the newest, Culdcept Revolt is an exciting concept that we look forward to seeing in action. Are you planning to get Culdcept Revolt? Let us know in the comments.

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