October 1 – October 7: This Week in Nintendo News

October 1 – October 7: This Week in Nintendo News

This week wasn’t too busy, but there will still several great Nintendo announcements made.

Nintendo Switch News

Do you like stealth games? Do you like parodies? If so, take a look at the newest game announced by the creator of Dust: An Elysian Tale. Titled Never Stop Sneakin’, it sends you on a mission to rescue all the U.S. presidents (kidnapped thanks to time travel) and appears to be a parody of Metal Gear Solid. It is due out this holiday season for the Switch.

A new sandbox RPG called My Time at Portia has been announced, with the Switch as one of the consoles it will be released for in 2018. My Time at Portia is inspired by games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, and is currently on Kickstarter.

Tangledeep, a roguelike dungeon crawler currently in early access for the PC, is now planned for the Switch in early 2018. The Kickstarted Fear Effect sequel, Fear Effect Sedna, will also be coming to the Switch in 2018.

Next, you’ll soon have a chance to play the Mutant Mudds games on your Switch, because the Mutant Mudds Collection will bring Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, and the all-new Mudd Blocks to the Switch later this year.

And if you’ve been waiting for the chance to do some farming on your Switch, Stardew Valley finally got a Switch release date and came out on October 5. Next up, indie rogue-lite game The Flame in the Flood will be out on October 12.

Gust also released new details about Atelier Lydie & Suelle, introducing Firis and Ilmeria from the previous game, as well as Lydie and Suelle’s father, Roger Marlen. Roger is a painter whose disastrous attempts at alchemy lead to explosions. The main characters’ goal is to achieve the highest rank possible for their atelier, and combat includes new “Follow Skills” and “Combination Arts” based on how you team up combinations. First print copies of the game will include costumes based on Marie and Elie from Atelier Marie and Atelier Elie.

Next, we have our first look at Rogue Trooper Redux, with a new trailer that includes 5 minutes of gameplay. It will be out on October 17.

If you have Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, it might interest you to know that Dabrin and Majin Buu (Gohan Absorbed) will be released as DLC later this year, along with Zamasu as a new master. This is separate from the DLC and DLC bundle previously released.

Meanwhile, a physical edition has been announced for Retro City Rampage DX. Both a standard and collector’s edition will go on sale on October 9 at Vblank Entertainment’s website. The collector’s edition includes the game, a manual, a key chain, a soundtrack, 3D glasses, and a reversible cover.

A new Super Mario Odyssey trailer is also available. This 5-minute trailer gives an overview of all the game’s systems.

Finally, 3D platforming fans have been hopeful for news of A Hat in Time on the Switch, and while nothing is confirmed yet, the developers have a Switch devkit to work with.

Nintendo Switch and 3DS News

Blaster Master Zero Version 1.4 is now available. It adds Boss Blaster Mode, a boss rush unlocked after you complete the game, as well as a co-op version of Boss Blaster Mode for the Switch. The Switch version also has 21 save slots now. Finally, EX Characters can use the “Call Sophia” ability.

Blaster Master Zero recently crossed 110,000 worldwide downloads, and a new wallpaper has been made available as a thank-you.

Nintendo 3DS News

A 3DS port of Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns+ has been announced for Japan. It will be out on December 14 with improved controls and StreetPass support. Since The Tale of Two Towns was originally released for the 3DS in the West, it’s unclear if this version offers anything new or will be localized. (Note: if so, it will use the name Story of Seasons.)

Japan is also receiving the Dragon Ball Extreme Fusion Pack for the 3DS on November 30, a bundle that includes Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden and Dragon Ball Fusions, with a special box and an early purchase bonus of a Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiyan download.

Are you excited for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions, the remake of Superstar Saga due out on October 6? Check out the new trailer, which focuses on Minion Quest, the new side story added in this remake.

Finally, information about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon has been slow, but now a new story trailer and information gives us better insight into what will be different from the original Sun and Moon. Ultra Sun and Moon include three new Ultra Beasts and mysterious Ultra Wormholes that lead to Ultra Megalopolis, a dark world with a strange tower. A new team called the Ultra Recon Squad has also arrived from a world beyond an Ultra Wormhole. Check out the new trailer!

In Conclusion

Which of these announcements are you most excited about? Did you pick up Stardew Valley, Superstar Saga, or any of the other games that came out this week? Let us know in the comments.

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