An Interview with the Developers of Mulaka

An Interview with the Developers of Mulaka

Another game that caught our eye from the upcoming Switch indies was Mulaka, a 3D action-adventure based on the culture of the Tarahumara people.

After the Nindies showcase, we got in touch with the developers to learn a little more about Mulaka and what we can expect when it launches in 2018.

The description for Mulaka mentions hand-to-hand combat, platforming, and puzzle-solving. How would you describe the core gameplay? What would you compare it to?

Mulaka’s gameplay is being designed in a way that appeals to the biggest audience we can because we believe that the stories we’re telling deserve to be heard by many people. The game plays as a 3D action game with equal emphasis on combat and exploration. It’s impossible to compare it specifically to a single game, since we took inspiration from many titles. There’s definitely some inspiration on Zelda, Darksiders, Devil May Cry, and even The Witcher, but we designed the game so that it feels unique in many ways.

What inspired you to go with a low-poly 3D graphics style?

Initially we thought that a low-poly style would be easier to work with but it’s not the case at all, it does require some prowess in a way to make it stand out and look really appealing. When done correctly, it certainly shines. Tarahumara art is very simple and polygonal, so in a way it fits the aesthetic of the low-poly style that blends in nicely. Many of the environments on which the game is based off are very big, vast, and open landscapes, so we also needed an art style that allowed us to convey that feeling into the game. We found a great fit with the low-poly 3D style and so far we’ve been humbled by players calling it one of the best characteristics of the game.

Will Mulaka make use of any of the Switch’s special features, such as HD Rumble?

Mulaka will have some features and functionality exclusive to the Switch such as HD Rumble and gyro controls on some mechanics. More will be announced at a later date.

Mulaka is based on the Tarahumara culture. Are there any resources you would recommend to players interested in learning more about the Tarahumara people?

While there is some info online, there isn’t much of it unfortunately, even less in English. We’re working on adding the most interesting facts and info from the culture as we can in the game, so that people can have their full fix on the lore while playing. We’re collaborating with a cultural expert named Enrique Servín, who has written several books on the subject and is the most knowledgeable person about this. His work is probably a great source of material for people interested in more.

How story-driven is the game?

While we’re shaping the game to tell some of the most interesting stories we can tell about this indigenous community, it’s definitely not a game where you’re being told a story all the time. A lot of the storytelling happens through the environment, you’re an indigenous man exploring some of the most breathtaking landscapes in northern Mexico. There’s also plenty of dialogue with characters who provide some smaller but equally engaging quests in every area of the title.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Mulaka?

Mulaka is a title where members of this indigenous community have been involved. There’s some narration in their tongue by one of our Tarahumara friends and elders have given their blessing for the game. Additionally, up to 10% of the earnings will be donated to organizations dedicated to support the Tarahumara people.

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In Conclusion

We’re happy we had this chance to learn more about this intriguing game. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on Mulaka in the comments below.

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