3 Reasons to be Excited for Pokken Tournament DX

3 Reasons to be Excited for Pokken Tournament DX

Pokkén Tournament DX, the Switch’s enhanced port of Pokkén Tournament, will be out this Friday. If you’re on the fence about this title, here are a few reasons to be excited for Pokkén Tournament DX.

1. It’s another chance for Pokkén.

A Pokémon fighting game seems like a natural idea, and Pokkén Tournament sold quite well despite the Wii U’s struggles. The popularity of the Switch and the additional multiplayer potential allowed by the Switch’s design will give Pokkén Tournament another chance to shine. (And for players who skipped the Wii U but got a Switch, this gives them a chance to experience Pokkén.) If it does well, could it become a new series?

2. It has all the original content… and more.

Whether you never played the original Pokkén Tournament on the Wii U or found it frustrating that the arcade version included characters never added to the Wii U version, you’ll be happy to know that Pokkén Tournament DX has all of Pokkén Tournament’s content: the original 16 fighters, the four added to the arcade version (Croagunk, Empoleon, Darkrai, and Scizor), and one Switch-exclusive fighter, Decidueye.

In addition to the regular gameplay modes, Pokkén Tournament DX has also added local wireless multiplayer, 3-vs-3 team battles, friend-only group battles, and online ranked play.

3. You can play anywhere.

Thanks to the Switch’s portability, Pokkén Tournament DX’s local wireless gameplay, and the ability to play with a single Joy-Con (giving the second Joy-Con to someone else for local multiplayer), you’ll be able to play Pokkén Tournament DX anywhere and battle against your friends in a variety of ways.

In Conclusion

These are a few reasons to be excited for Pokkén Tournament DX on the Switch. Are you picking it up?

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