Why We’re Excited for Monster Hunter Stories

Why We’re Excited for Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories comes out today for the 3DS, and we can’t wait to play this Monster Hunter RPG spin-off. If you’re still undecided about this one, here are a few reasons why we’re excited for Monster Hunter Stories.

It’s a Story-Driven Monster Hunter Game

Unlike main entries in the Monster Hunter series, which focus primarily on hunting down and defeating monsters, Monster Hunter Stories is a traditional, story-driven JRPG following a Rider. It includes towns, quests, and everything else you’d expect from an RPG. For players who are interested in the Monster Hunter universe but haven’t gotten into the main series (or for fans of the main series who want to see a more story-driven approach), this is ideal.

You Collect Monsters

Instead of fighting monsters, Monster Hunter Stories has you hatch, befriend, and fight alongside monsters. There are several monster-collecting games out there, but we’re excited to see Monster Hunter’s take on the concept. Befriending monsters is also more important than just gathering them into a team, because your bond is important. This bond is measured by the Kinship Gauge, which grows as you fight battles together, and it influences important things, such as how much damage your monster will do in battle.

It’s a Turn-Based RPG

This one is a more controversial point and one of the primary reasons Monster Hunter Stories might appeal to a different audience than the mainline Monster Hunter games. While Monster Hunter typically involves action combat, Monster Hunter Stories is a turn-based RPG with a simple combat system that becomes more complex as you progress and encounter new types of monsters. Turn-based combat isn’t everyone’s preference, but for those of us who love it, it’s exciting to see a new turn-based game on the market.

Marvelous Worked On It

You might expect a Monster Hunter game to be developed by Capcom, but while Capcom is responsible for the main series and was certainly involved in the development process, this Monster Hunter spin-off was at least partly developed by Marvelous. We were unable to find out just how large their involvement was, but it seems as though they had a significant role. Marvelous has made many fantastic games, including Story of Seasons, so that just makes us more excited to try this one.

In Conclusion

A turn-based RPG about befriending monsters definitely isn’t what comes to mind when most people think “Monster Hunter,” but that’s what makes this spin-off so uniquely appealing to its audience. Monster Hunter Stories is now out, and there is also a demo available from the Nintendo eShop.

If you’ve played the demo, did you enjoy it? Are you planning to play the full game? Share your thoughts on Monster Hunter Stories in the comments below.

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