How to Find a SNES Classic Edition

How to Find a SNES Classic Edition

The NES Classic Edition had its share of supply issues before it was eventually discontinued, and so far the SNES Classic Edition appears to be following in its footsteps before it’s even out. Whether you woke up to learn the initial pre-orders sold out while you were asleep or saw another store open pre-orders only to sell out within minutes, you’re in the majority if you failed to pre-order a SNES Classic.

(If you did get yours pre-ordered, we applaud your luck and/or speed.)

For everyone still hoping, how can you find and buy a SNES Classic Edition?


If you’re still hoping to pre-order one online, there are a few things you can to do make it a little easier. Instead of refreshing the retailers’ websites or hoping you catch them at the right time, you can track the SNES Classic at NowInStock, either by watching the page (although it includes everything related to the SNES Classic) or adding the individual listings to your tracker.

You should also consider stopping by stores in person to see if they have any pre-orders available.

Launch Day

With pre-orders selling out all around, it might be in your best interests to wait until launch day, but you’ll still need to be quick. Some retailers have indicated that they’ll have more SNES Classic Editions when it launches on September 29. Considering how fast online pre-orders disappeared, waiting in line at a store on September 29 might be your safest bet.

In Conclusion

As we know from the NES Classic Edition’s regular supply issues, it might be no easier to get the SNES Classic once it’s out than it has been to pre-order it. If you’re interested in the SNES Classic Edition, did you successfully pre-order one, or are you still looking?

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