Nintendo Switch Games: Don’t Forget About Kamiko

Nintendo Switch Games: Don’t Forget About Kamiko

Another Nintendo Switch game that is often overlooked despite receiving positive reviews from players is Kamiko, a pixel action game released on April 27.

Why have players skipped Kamiko? It’s not a well-known title, and at a quick glance, it might look like just another of many pixel games. Some people might also be familiar with the developer’s previous game, Fairune, which had a similar style and received more mediocre reviews. Finally, it only takes about an hour to beat. Is a game that short worth it?

Price vs. Content

At $4.99, Kamiko has a fair price for a small game. If it still seems a bit too much for a 1 hour game, keep in mind that it has three characters. Each character has a unique gameplay style, which means you can play through the game three times while keeping the content fresh.

Kamiko is also geared toward speedruns. It keeps track of your gameplay time, and its simple structure makes it easy for players to replay it in the hopes of achieving a faster time. Its action gameplay is simple and easy to get into, but many fans have found it to be fun and addicting, giving them more reason to play again.

In Conclusion

Kamiko is short and quick to beat once, but if you love speedruns, replaying games, and enjoying simple action combat for a low price, it’s worth looking into.

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