An Interview With the Developers of The Seashore

An Interview With the Developers of The Seashore

A new indie game has made the Switch one of its primary goals of its Kickstarter campaign, a co-op action platformer called The Seashore from Boomerang Games.

We recently got in touch with Boomerang Games to learn a little more about this upcoming game.

According to your Kickstarter page, you specifically chose the Switch as a platform for The Seashore because of all the different ways the Switch can handle multiplayer. What do you see as the Switch’s biggest advantage for The Seashore?

It goes way back to childhood when my friends and I just adored video games! We played in such hits as Megaman X, Super Castlevania IV, The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Warioland, etc. We have done it everywhere: at home, at a party, in schools, and of course on the road (thanks a lot to Game Boy!). So, the main problem for us was that there was absolutely no possibility to play the game together, we had to play in turn at levels. That’s when we began to dream about a game in the spirit of these masterpieces, which could be played with a friend, and it does not matter wherever you are. Time passed, we grew up, and no one had released our dream… And just a couple of years ago we came up with idea: “What if we are someone?” That led to the point of ​​The Seashore. When we heard about the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, we firmly decided that the game should be, because it seems this console was created especially for such people and games and perfectly solves all of the problems! So, answering the question, I will say that the main advantage of Nintendo Switch, as for us, is that it allows you to experience unforgettable game experiences with your friend wherever you are!

Will it take advantage of any of the Switch’s special features, such as HD Rumble?

Our team faithful to the classics, but understands that it is necessary to keep pace! We also understand how important the atmosphere is in the game! Therefore, it’s our responsibility to make sure that players dive into the game and overlook how time flies! And we intend to achieve this effect using all possible methods, including the function of HD Rumble and the rest of the console features!

The Seashore must be played cooperatively with a second player, correct? What are some of the ways players will have to work together?

Do players have to zoom through the game together? They will have to do it! The thing is, gameplay of the characters will be completely different, and the levels and enemies will be realized so that the players will not have the opportunity to go ahead without the help of a friend! So there will be enough ways to interact with each other, and how to do it – the players will make up their own minds!

Is there any chance of a single-player mode (perhaps with one player controlling two characters), or will it be exclusively co-op?

The mechanics of the game will be implemented so players will have to make the most effective decisions in the shortest time in pursuance of passing the level and analyzing the situation! Anyone can not cope with this task alone. That’s why we decided to take the risk and give up the single-player. But even if you are far from your friend, you can play with him on the net at any time!

You’ve described the game as an “action platformer with RPG and Metroidvania elements.” Could you go into a little more detail on the sorts of RPG and Metroidvania elements players can expect?

As the game progresses the levels become more difficult and the enemies are stronger. For this reason, game characters also need to grow, otherwise the 2nd level will seem like an impossible task for you! And just for this we have introduced RPG elements: your characters will have a choice of a huge number of abilities and weapons, the choice of which depends on the gameplay and interaction with the second player, which means that you can go through the same level in a huge number of ways, depending on your choice!

In addition, as you progress through the story, players are waiting for the hard moral decisions that they will have to accept in a consistent manner and which will have a tangible impact on the game, for we are serious about the plot and try to make sure that we do not have bad or good characters. All of them will have their own motives and their stories!

The elements of Metroidvania will be that the levels in the game really need to be investigated, but they are not integrated into a huge world. You have to go to each level separately.

Finally, is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about The Seashore?

Well, what for us The Seashore is not just another game, it’s not just an attempt to do something new in the classical wrapper, but an attempt to influence the gaming world in general, an attempt to remind the world what feelings can trigger games and how they can unite people. And if someone reading this interview suddenly felt the same feeling from childhood, then we already worked for good reason!

In Conclusion

The Seashore is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. What are your thoughts on this co-op platformer? Let us know in the comments.

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