August 20 – August 26: This Week in Nintendo News

August 20 – August 26: This Week in Nintendo News

Today was an exciting week for Nintendo fans interested in the SNES Classic. Nintendo announced the “rewind” feature that allows you to rewind and re-try tricky sections of the included games. Check out the new trailer to see this and other SNES Classic features in action.

Unfortunately, it’s been difficult for many fans to get a SNES Classic. Pre-orders opened up this week and sold out almost immediately. Some lucky customers made their orders in time, but many are still waiting.

Nintendo Switch News

It was a big week for the Nintendo Switch! First, there’s a new way to pay for eShop games: PayPal. PayPal can now be used on the Switch eShop, although your PayPal account’s region must match that of your Nintendo account.

Next, Monolith Soft began hiring for a new game that appears to have a medieval fantasy style. While nothing has been announced, the Switch is the most likely candidate for its platform.

Square Enix also teased the possibility of Final Fantasy XV on the Switch, as director Hajime Tabata said during a Twitch live stream that fans might want to think about a certain console “that sounds a lot like Twitch” for Final Fantasy XV news. It’s hard to say if this means a Final Fantasy XV port or something else.

Moving on to definitive new game announcements, the Switch is one of the platforms for Fear Effect Reinvented, an upcoming remake of Fear Effect, due out in 2018.

Zoink Games’ platformer Fe, which emphasizes sound and exploration, will also be available on the Switch. It is aiming for a release in early 2018.

Before either of these games launches, however, Japan will receive a new mascot-based board game exclusive to the Switch called Gotouchi Tetsudou. No localization news has been announced, and due to its focus on mascot characters, it seems unlikely to come West.

Meanwhile, Telltale Games intends to bring two of its games to the Switch: Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman. Telltale also hinted at season 2 of Minecraft and mentioned its interest in the Switch. Finally, Koei Tecmo is bringing Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada, and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate to the Switch in Japan on November 9.

Moving on, Splatoon 2 has three new pieces of content: the Manta Maria stage for Turf War, the Bubble Blower weapon, and the Lost Outpost stage for Salmon Run. Lost Outpost is already available, Manta Maria will be added this weekend, and the Bubble Blower will become available on September 1.

That wasn’t the only Nintendo game to receive big news. Meet Lola Pop, the next fighter being added to ARMS. This new character, along with a new stage and three new ARMS, will be added to the game in its next big update, planned for sometime in September.

Are you more into rhythm games than competitive multiplayer? You’re in luck too, because Voez received a free update this week that added 12 new songs to the game. Finally, a Fast RMX update in September will add 6 new remix tracks and 2 new remix cups to the high-speed racing game.

Now, let’s talk about some upcoming games. In a controversial move, Ubisoft announced a Season Pass for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It will include 8 steampunk weapons, new solo challenges and co-op maps this fall, and additional story content in 2018, but without clear details about how much content it includes, some fans are displeased with the $19.99 Season Pass.

In much less controversial news, Rocket League will include special Switch-exclusive items. The Mario NSR, Luigi NSR, and Samus’ Gunship are three new character available at launch for free. In addition to these, there will be several Mario and Metroid customization items.

And Sonic Forces, which will be out on November 9 in Japan and this holiday season in North America and Europe, unveiled its “Tag” gameplay, where Modern Sonic and the custom character can work together.

Meanwhile, a demo for Pokken Tournament DX is available now in the eShop, Inti Creates announced a physical release of the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack to follow the digital version’s August 31 release this fall, and Square Enix released new details about the Jigan Empire, characters, and gameplay of Lost Sphear.

Finally, Gamescom gave us plenty of good gameplay footage, so check out the latest Super Mario Odyssey videos from the first and second days and new Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gameplay.

Nintendo 3DS News

In an announcement that covers both the Switch and 3DS, Fire Emblem Warriors has new details (translated by Gematsu) about its characters Hinoka, Takui, Camilla, and Leo, the “Pair Up” combat option that lets characters work together, and a new magic attack. It also received a European release date of October 20 and a new trailer.

Atlus also released a new trailer for the Etrian Odyssey V Botanist, and Nintendo released an overview trailer for Metroid: Samus Returns that covers what players can expect from this upcoming Metroid game.

Be warned, however: the video below contains spoilers.

Finally, a SNES-style New 3DS XL is on its way to Europe, but it appears as though it will skip North America.

In Conclusion

This was a strong week for the Switch, with many new announcements and update. What are you most excited for?

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