Nintendo Switch Games: Don’t Forget About VOEZ

Nintendo Switch Games: Don’t Forget About VOEZ

Near the end of May, the rhythm game VOEZ was released for the Nintendo Switch, and this is one Switch title that has gone unnoticed by many players. Does VOEZ deserve a closer look?

As an anime-styled rhythm game, VOEZ already appeals to a niche audience. However, there are two things that might have made even its target audience uncertain about it.

Touchscreen Only

For many players, the main appeal of the Switch is the way it functions as a hybrid console that can be played either with the TV or as a handheld. VOEZ, however, is reliant on the touchscreen. Because of its touchscreen-based gameplay, you cannot play it on the TV. Some people disliked this decision–but the touch controls serve it well.


More important than the controls, however, is the price. VOEZ was originally released as a free mobile game, which made many players displeased to see it on the eShop as a $25.00 Switch game. However, the mobile version of VOEZ has the majority of the songs as microtransactions, each of which costs $1. The Switch version came with all of the songs (over 100) at launch, as well as additional songs added later. As long as you expect to play many of the songs available in VOEZ, the Switch version’s price is actually a bargain.

In Conclusion

In short, don’t let the controls and price scare you away. If you’re a fan of rhythm games, the Switch version of VOEZ shouldn’t be overlooked.

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