An Interview With the Developers of The Count Lucanor

An Interview With the Developers of The Count Lucanor

Near the end of June, at the Gamelab gaming event in Spain, Ratalaika Games revealed that it would be bringing Baroque Decay’s horror adventure game The Count Lucanor to the Nintendo Switch. The Count Lucanor follows a young boy named Hans who enters a spooky castle in the hopes of earning wealth by passing a kobold’s trial.

Intrigued by this spooky game, we got in touch with Baroque Decay to learn a little more about The Count Lucanor.

According to its description, The Count Lucanor was inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda and Silent Hill, which is quite an intriguing combination. Why did you decide to combine these styles?

Well, we didn’t decide that, we just simply love those kind of games, so it became a natural thing to mix them. In any case, it is nothing new, there are a lot of indie horror RPGs out there, mixing the classic RPG style with survival horror mechanics. I think it is always refreshing to mix different genres and play with the pre-established concepts.

Is there any combat in The Count Lucanor? Would you consider it more of a horror game or an action-adventure game?

There is no combat in Lucanor. The player will have to hide or escape from the horrors of the castle. The game is full of exploration, puzzles, and stealth. I think is a clear example of a horror game.

Will the game make use of the Switch’s special features, such as HD Rumble?

No, sadly we are not using those features. Some of them, such as the HD Rumble, are very tricky to implement. In any case, we will have them in mind for future projects.

Do you have any plans to bring your next game, Yuppie Psycho, to the Switch if The Count Lucanor does well?

Yeah, sure. Would be great have Yuppie Psycho in consoles. We are working for that already.

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers about The Count Lucanor?

I invite all your readers to play The Count Lucanor. They will find a spooky story, full of secrets and surprises, a perfect game to play on a summer night.

In Conclusion

The Count Lucanor certainly sounds intriguing, and it’s one more game horror fans can look forward. It should be out for the Switch this fall, so we’ll be looking forward to that. What are your thoughts on The Count Lucanor?

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