Our Expectations for Sonic Mania

Our Expectations for Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania is due out on August 15, and fans have high hopes for it. The Sonic series has suffered from mixed reviews for quite a while now, but many people have come away from Sonic Mania previews with positive reactions. Could this be the game that restores people’s faith in Sonic?

Traditional Gameplay

Sonic has tried a variety of different gameplay styles for its modern entries, but Sonic Mania sets all of that aside for a return to the original games released for the Sega Genesis. It is a side-scrolling game divided across several zones, although the game takes on a 3D perspective in special stages accessed through giant rings. It also features bonus stages and a time attack mode.

Plenty of Content

Sonic Mania has both original levels and remixed levels from previous Sonic games, special stages, bonus stages, and time attack mode. This should provide plenty of content for players to enjoy, and the remixed levels in particular will be both nostalgic and fresh. For example, the Chemical Plant Zone is not just a repeat of the original level from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, but includes new routes, surprises, and a second act.

A Sonic Revival?

So far, everything looks on track for Sonic Mania to be the game that revives the series, especially for fans of the original games, and we have high expectations for it. What are your thoughts on Sonic Mania? Let us know your own hopes and expectations for this game in the comments below.

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