An Interview With the Developers of Re:Legend

An Interview With the Developers of Re:Legend

After a successful Square Enix Collective campaign, Magnus Games opened up the Kickstarter for Re:Legend, their upcoming monster-raising RPG.

Since a Switch release is also planned, we got in touch with Magnus Games to learn a little more about Re:Legend.

First, let’s talk about the title. “Re:Legend” certainly calls to mind other JRPG titles, but what does it mean in the context of the game?

The title means the Reborn of a Legend. It has something to do with the main story which we’re not going to spoil too much right now. 😉

There’s also a hidden meaning behind the title outside of the game’s context where it was a reborn of a project we used to call “Legend of Lumina.”

It was a sad story and it would take a long time were we to talk about it.

According to its description, Re:Legend was inspired by games like Rune Factory, Digimon World, Fantasy Life, and Monster Rancher. Which of those inspirations do you think it is the most similar to?

That’s a tough question! Re:Legend has bits of what we enjoy from those great titles and we put all of ’em into one single environment with a lot of love. It would be equally similar to each of those titles.

In addition to raising Magnus, farming, befriending villagers,  etc., the game involves searching for your lost memories. Is it a story-driven game, or are the other activities the primary focus?

It’s a hybrid between an RPG and simulation game where you can take things at your own pace so the focus is set by you, the players. If you feel like uncovering your own identity and story of the past, present and future, you could jump right into the story part of the game. The same is applied to the simulation part of the game where you could just stay in your farm whole day and cultivate crops while taking care of your Magnus. The primary focus is dependent on the player’s mood at the particular moment. Now that I think about it, it’s quite similar to a sandbox game with main story line.

Is a Switch version of Re:Legend definitely planned, or will it depend on meeting a Kickstarter stretch goal?

Yup! It will be a stretch goal and it should be revealed by now.

(Note: the stretch goal has been revealed as $250,000.)

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers about Re:Legend?

We will be headed to the Tokyo Game Show on September and there will be a live demo available! 🙂

In Conclusion

Re:Legend met its base goal soon after the Kickstarter went live, and we hope it will find similar success with its Nintendo Switch stretch goal. What do you think of Re:Legend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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