Perfect Genres for the Nintendo Switch

Perfect Genres for the Nintendo Switch

The Wii U’s set-up made certain gameplay styles feel like a perfect fit for it, such as the camera-based combat of Fatal Frame and the unique two-screen approach of Affordable Space Adventures. The Switch is more traditional in many ways, but are there certain series or genres that feel made for it?

Here are a few genres we think would find a perfect home on the Nintendo Switch.

Survival Horror

At first glance, there’s nothing about the Switch that makes it particularly well-suited to survival horror games. However, horror is one of the genres where HD Rumble has huge potential. Imagine a visceral sensation as you fight monsters, or the beating of your character’s heartbeat as they near death. Better yet, think of how HD Rumble could be incorporated into sanity effects like those seen in Eternal Darkness.

Party Games

This one almost goes without saying. The Switch’s marketing emphasized the idea of taking your Switch out to play multiplayer games with your friends, and its LAN support makes it even more fitting.

Visual Novels

When a visual novel is released for both a home console and a handheld, many fans are divided over which version to get. Some prefer the larger screen of the console, while others like to take their visual novels on-the-go, like a book. The Switch can give us the best of both worlds, which is why we hope to see more visual novels made for it.

In Conclusion

Of course, the Nintendo Switch is getting games from all genres, but these three stood out to us as particularly well-suited for the Switch. What do you think? What genres do you think the Switch handles perfectly? Let us know in the comments.

Samantha is a published horror and fantasy writer, a professional freelance writer, and a longtime gamer. As a result, writing about games is one of her favorite activities. She likes a wide range of genres, especially RPGs, survival horror, and visual novels. More information can be found at her website:

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