An Interview With the Developers of Creeping Terror

An Interview With the Developers of Creeping Terror

At Anime Expo 2017, it was announced that the 3DS horror game Creeping Terror would be brought West later this year. Creeping Terror is an exploration-driven game about a girl named Arisa who goes to an old mansion with her friends and later finds herself all alone.

After the announcement, we got in touch with Sushi Typhoon Games to learn more about Creeping Terror.

As a big fan of horror games, I was excited to see the announcement that Creeping Terror is coming West for the 3DS.

Hello, this is Yoichi Sumida of Sushi Typhoon Games.

Thank you for your interest in Creeping Terror. As a video game producer, I am very happy to know via SNS that so many overseas gamers are interested in the title. First of all, I would like to say thank you to all game lovers.

Horror isn’t one of the most common genres found on the 3DS, although it does have a few horror games. Why did you pick the 3DS for Creeping Terror?

Creeping Terror is the second title under Sushi Typhoon Games. I think that horror game is obviously one of the most popular game genres for console games. Nowadays, playing games on mobile devices is very popular in Japan. But, when I was planning Creeping Terror, it did not give me any inspiration.

If I look back on my personal gaming history, there are some titles and consoles still attractive to me. I remember there were various game genres by the time.

For sure, horror game is not very popular among titles for 3DS platform. But I am hoping that everybody can enjoy many types of video games like I did. For me, the diversity of game genre is the most important thing in the video game industry as a whole. It was very disappointing that not many horror title was found for 3DS platform. It is a pity for 3DS users that the chance to experience horror games itself is very limited.

From its trailer, Creeping Terror appears to have some similarities with Clock Tower. What were your greatest inspirations for the game? What games would you compare it to?

That’s right. I was very much inspired by games such as “Clock Tower,” “Twilight Syndrome,” “Yuyami-dori Tankentai,” and “SOS”. I think that side-scrolling is really getting along with horror game and more user-friendly than FPS.

Is there any combat?

No. there is no combat. There is a little action when you run away from a giant with huge shovel.

Are there puzzles?

There are no puzzles in this game. It makes players take more times to complete the game if there is puzzle element. So, I intentionally omitted that.

At the initial stage of game planning, I wanted to make a horror game for those who were not familiar with this genre. This is the reason why I choose 3DS platform for Creeping Terror.

The story follows a high school girl who visits a sinister mansion and is separated from her friends. Would you say Creeping Terror is a story-driven game, or does it focus more on exploration and atmosphere than plot?

By the time I planned this game, I was playing “Until Dawn” for PS4, and I liked the approach like that. It is more focused on the story when compared with past influential horror games like “P.T.” and “Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.”

Horror action and gimmicks are of course fun. But these elements sometimes distance users who are no so familiar with horror games.  As you see, the storyline is straightforward and pretty common. My intention here is to attract more people to play the game.

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers about Creeping Terror?

Again, I am happy to know that Creeping Terror surely attracts the interest of overseas gamers.

I attended PAX East this year and I felt it a lot. I hope to visit the showcase again with new challenges perhaps next year.

Thank you for your continuous support for Sushi Typhoon Games!

In Conclusion

We’re happy we had this chance to learn more about Creeping Terror from Yoichi Sumida of Sushi Typhoon Games, and we’re looking forward to Creeping Terror when it launches for the 3DS this fall. What are your thoughts on Creeping Terror?

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