Our Hopes for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Our Hopes for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

When the rumors about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle first surfaced, my feelings toward it were pretty negative. After the official announcement at E3, however, many of us who disliked the idea came to realize it might not be so bad. From the trailer, this unusual tactical RPG for the Nintendo Switch looks like it could be fun.

With that in mind, let’s talk about our greatest hopes for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Good Humor

The Rabbids are meant to be comedic characters, but a lot of the negativity around the rumors came from fans who don’t enjoy their style of humor. Early descriptions made many people dismiss the game as a terrible idea. However, there have been many funny Mario games, and the trailer shows some hints of Mario humor. With any luck, this crossover will be able to blend the two styles to be entertaining for both groups of fans.

Solid Pacing

Thanks to an E3 interview from Nintendo World Report, we know approximately 30% of the game will be spent on exploration that seamlessly connects the battles. It isn’t entirely clear yet how expansive the exploration elements will be, but they should provide a break between combat encounters. Secrets to discover will definitely add to the appeal of this game. The same interview also revealed that each world has 10 chapters, as well as some secret chapters, and the game’s official description says there are 4 worlds.

This gives us a good idea of how the game is structured, but since we don’t know how long a chapter is, it’s difficult to judge the game’s length. Some people think there is one battle per chapter, while others think each chapter will include many battles and become bigger later in the game. However long it is, we hope the mix of exploration and battles gives the game solid pacing so that it doesn’t feel too short, but doesn’t feel like it drags on, either.

Strong Strategic Gameplay

No one knew quite what to expect from a Mario strategy game, since we’ve never had one before. However, reports from previews have described it as complex and surprisingly challenging. It has 8 playable characters, over 250 different weapons, and special co-op challenges. We hope Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is the kind of game that is accessible to new strategy fans while also offering challenges and replay value for longtime fans of the genre.

In Conclusion

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was quite a surprise. No one expected such a crossover, few people knew what to make of it when it was leaked, and for many fans, the biggest surprise of all was that its trailers and gameplay footage actually looked good. Right now, its sense of humor, pacing, and strategic gameplay are the areas where we most hope Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will shine.

It will be out for the Nintendo Switch on August 29. What are your hopes and expectations for this unusual crossover?

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