Top 3 Super Mario Sunshine Worlds

Top 3 Super Mario Sunshine Worlds

Super Mario Odyssey looks like a fantastic return to the 3D platforming gameplay of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. We already took a look back at our favorite Super Mario 64 worlds, so let’s move on to some of the best worlds in Super Mario Sunshine.

Delfino Plaza

It might have been a hub area rather than a main level, but Delfino Plaza was a step above Super Mario 64’s castle. While the castle served only as a hub, Delfino Plaza is filled with its own secrets and events. It was fun to explore, and it helped Super Mario Sunshine stand out.

Pinna Park

Levels set in an amusement park are sure to provide some interesting gameplay. Pinna Park included pirate ships, a Ferris Wheel, a roller coaster, and other amusement park attractions. It also tasks players with defeating Mecha-Bowser in a memorable boss fight.

Sirena Beach

Sirena Beach is a beautiful beach visited in the evenings, but what really makes it stand out is Hotel Delfino. The hotel is being haunted by Boos, and its design–locked doors, secret passages, and other special features–set it apart as one of the most interesting and memorable levels in the game.

In Conclusion

Are you a fan of Delfino Plaza, Pinna Park, and Sirena Beach? Which Super Mario Sunshine worlds are your favorites, and what do you think of the worlds we’ve seen so far from Super Mario Odyssey?

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