July 2 – July 8: This Week in Nintendo News

July 2 – July 8: This Week in Nintendo News

It was another exciting week for the Nintendo Switch, with a few worthwhile 3DS announcements as well.

Nintendo Switch News

On Thursday, Nintendo held a special Nintendo Direct focused on Splatoon 2. It provided information about character customization, new gear and weapons, amiibo support, the various gameplay modes (Turf War, Ranked Battles, League Battles, Salmon Run, and the single-player adventure), and more. It also explained SplatNet2, the Splatoon 2 function of Nintendo’s upcoming Nintendo Switch Online mobile app, and announced the first Splatfest for July 15.

That’s right, the first Splatoon 2 Splatfest, which asks players to choose between cake and ice cream, will be held before the full game is out. All you need to do is download the demo to participate. Splatoon 2 will be out on July 21.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch library continues to grow. In fact, one new digital title is already out! The horror game Vaccine, inspired by classic survival horror games, came out on July 6, as did the card game Shephy. Aside from that, the adventure game Thimbleweed Park is coming to the Switch, and the cat-themed open world RPG Cat Quest will be out later this year.

2018 is looking good as well. The previously-announced platformer Celeste is now planned for January, The Princess is Money-Hungry will come West as Penny Punching Princess on March 20, The Longest 5 Minutes will be out in 2018, and a new game called Next Up Hero was also announced.

And is PlatinumGames teasing Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101?

The red and blue artwork of Bayonetta posted by Platinum’s new Japanese Twitter account could have been a coincidence. After all, those colors are respectively associated with Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2. However, since the account began liking tweets comparing the colors to the Switch’s neon Joy-Cons, it might not be such a stretch to see this as a tease.

On the other hand, it’s hard to see their later post as anything but a tease for The Wonderful 101 or a sequel on the Switch. The image in question shows characters from the game playing a Switch game. Not only that, but the blurred-out game they’re playing looks like The Wonderful 101.

There is also reason to believe this is hinting at a sequel, since the characters’ jackets say “W101” on the back, instead of “W100” like they did for the majority of the game.

And if you’ve been enjoying Disgaea 5 on your Switch, keep your fingers crossed for the future, because the president of NIS said in an AMA that the next Disgaea game will “most likely” be available on the Switch.

Finally, we have a little update news. Blaster Master Zero is adding Shantae and Shovel Knight as its next DLC characters. Shantae will be free until July 19 and cost $1.99 after that. Shovel Knight will be added on August 3 and be free until August 16, after which he’ll also cost $1.99. And for ARMS fans looking forward to playing as Max Brass, the new fighter will be added to the roster for free on July 12.

Nintendo 3DS News

There were only a handful of 3DS announcements this week, but they’re still noteworthy. First, a horror exploration game called Creeping Terror is coming West this fall. From its trailer, it appears to have a Clock Tower vibe.

Next, we’d hoped that the newest adventure game in the Jake Hunter series would be localized, and our wish was granted! Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk will be available in 2018, after its Japanese release this August.

Speaking of games we want to see localized, Square Enix announced the fourth optional restriction in Dragon Quest XI. If you want an extra challenge, you can turn on the “ashamed curse,” which causes embarrassing things to happen to your character. And was its localization quietly leaked? A Dutch PR agency announced that it will be handling the PR for Dragon Quest XI in the Netherlands. There still hasn’t been an official announcement, but things are looking a bit more hopeful.

Capcom released a new trailer for the Japan-only Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2, but at least we still have Level-5… and the first English trailer for Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy!

Finally, the 2D platformer Cursed Castilla will be out for the 3DS on July 13. This game was inspired by classic titles like Ghouls ‘n Ghosts.

In Conclusion

It was a good week for Nintendo fans, with some solid announcements (and promising teases) for both the Switch and 3DS. What news are you the most excited about?

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