Theories About the Upcoming Kirby 3DS Game

Theories About the Upcoming Kirby 3DS Game

Back in April, Nintendo announced three upcoming Kirby games for the Nintendo 3DS. Two of those games, Team Kirby Crash Deluxe and Kirby’s Blowout Blast, are now available. The third game is due out for the 3DS sometime this winter, but it remains largely a mystery.

The upcoming Kirby game (which is not to be confused with the 2018 Nintendo Switch Kirby game announced at E3) is a multiplayer action game, but that’s all we know. Nevertheless, there are plenty of theories. Here are two worth taking a look at.

It’s a Fighting Game

“Multiplayer action game” could mean many things, but fans have good reason to believe the next 3DS Kirby game is a fighting game. In an official Miiverse comment, HAL Laboratory referred to it as “an action fighting game.” Now, you could argue that they might have simply meant a game where you fight enemies, but the term used in the Japanese comment is also a term used for competitive fighting games.

And that brings us to another theory…

What if Masahiro Sakurai is Making It?

A theory that has gained ground among fans recently is the idea that Masahiro Sakurai, who hasn’t directed a Kirby game since Kirby Air Ride, has returned for this new game. This theory mainly arose because of an article in which Sakurai discussed the development of Kirby’s Dream Land in honor of Kirby’s 25th anniversary, the possibility of it being a fighting game like Super Smash Bros, and because Sakurai has been working on an unknown project.

What Do You Think?

Until Nintendo makes an official announcement, all we know is that a multiplayer action Kirby game is coming to the 3DS this winter. What do you think it will be like?


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  1. I am very curious, hoping we learn more soon. Not really sure what direction they will take the next game!

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