Everything We Know About Culdcept Revolt

Everything We Know About Culdcept Revolt

The Nintendo 3DS is far from dead, and Culdcept Revolt is one of the exciting games we have to look forward to in its future. With a release date set for this card-meets-board game, let’s go over everything we know about it.


Culdcept Revolt is a strategic game that combines elements of board games and card games. Your goal in each match is to earn a specific amount of Total Magic, with the help of creature, item, and spell cards as you face off against your opponents.

You’ll need to capture territories, charge tolls, and pass through gates to reach victory. Take a look at our detailed overview of Culdcept Revolt’s gameplay systems to learn the ins and outs of how to win the game.

Culdcept Revolt includes a single-player story, over 150 challenge stages, and multiplayer matches.


The story-driven Quest Mode follows a young man named Allen with the power to use Culdcept cards. Known as Cepters, such people are hunted down and killed in the city of Celphas, due to the tyrannical reign of Count Kraniss. Allen joins a rebel group known as the Free Bats to fight back against Count Kraniss and his Cepters.

Release Date

Although it was originally due out at the end of the summer, Culdcept Revolt will become available on October 3 in North America and October 6 in Europe.


Culdcept Revolt will be available both physically and from the Nintendo eShop for $39.99.

A Limited Edition is also available from NIS America for $59.99, featuring an art book, a soundtrack, a dice set, foil cards, and a collectors’ box in addition to the game.

In Conclusion

Are you looking forward to playing Culdcept Revolt when it launches for the 3DS this October? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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