Features We’d Love to See from Mario Party on Switch

Features We’d Love to See from Mario Party on Switch

Nintendo hasn’t announced Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch yet, but it’s safe to assume they’ll make one eventually. Ever since the original Mario Party in 1998, the series has appeared on every Nintendo console, but their reception has been mixed for the past few entries. Is the Switch Mario Party’s time to shine again?

Let’s talk about a few features we’d love to see from the inevitable Mario Party Switch game.

Individual Movement (aka, No Car)

In Mario Party 9, Nintendo introduced a new idea. Instead of each player traveling around the board individually, they would all travel together in a car. This proved quite controversial among fans, but the car returned in Mario Party 10. It’s fine to have a mode where everyone travels together, but for Mario Party 11, we’d love to see individual movement in a traditional Mario Party mode.

Online Multiplayer

It’s possible to play Mario Party solo, but the game is designed for a group of friends to play together. Local multiplayer is great, and we definitely want that to remain, but it would be fantastic if the next Mario Party game included online gameplay.

Level Editor

Super Mario Maker gave fans the power to create their own Mario levels, so what if the next Mario Party game includes a level editor where you can create and share your own boards? It’s not necessary to the core gameplay, but it would be a cool feature.

In Conclusion

These are a few of the features we’d love to see from the Switch’s Mario Party game. What about you? What are your hopes for Mario Party?

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  1. online play would be a nice feature

  2. What I want for the next Mario Party (in term of the gameplay of the main mode) is for them to improve upon the formula of Mario Party: Star Rush. Toad Scramble just has so much potential that was really only touched upon, and I LOVE the free roaming aspect the mode introduces. Couple that with online multiplayer and a level editor mentioned in this article, and MP11 would EASILY be my favorite MP to date. ND Cube (the current developer of MP) finally has something going with Star Rush. Lets hope they take that chance somewhere. Well, either that, or go with a new gameplay style altogether that does NOT involve the car.

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