Most-Wanted Features for the Nintendo Switch

Most-Wanted Features for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch just received system update Version 3.0.0, and it added many welcome features. As of this update, you can:

  • Register specific channels to receive news updates about those games.
  • 3DS and Wii U friends can be added to your Switch Friend List.
  • Turn on notifications for when your friends come online.
  • Find paired controllers within communication range.
  • Change the order of the user icons on the Home Menu.
  • Change the system volume from Quick Settings.
  • Lower the maximum headphones/speakers volume.
  • Invert the display colors or change them to Grayscale.
  • Use a USB keyboard by connecting it to the dock.
  • Use a wired Pro Controller by connecting it with the USB charging cable.
  • Update connected controllers.

It also added six new Splatoon 2 character icons, fixed a software update glitch, and fixed a problem that caused the HDMI input to change while the console was in Sleep Mode.

This is a good step, but there are still several features fans want to see in future Switch updates.


So far, the Switch has very few apps. In particular, an Internet browser, a streaming service, and similar apps have been requested by fans.


Without Miiverse, the Switch makes it a bit difficult to stay in touch with your friends. A simple messaging system to take the place of Miiverse’s messages would be a nice touch.


Copy/Transfer Save Files

The most important is the ability to back up saves. Currently, there is no way to copy or back up your Switch save files, or even transfer them to another Switch, which has caused a lot of concern among fans. This is the #1 feature we hope Nintendo adds soon.

What features do you hope will be added in future Switch updates?


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  1. some streaming apps, themes, folders or better management for apps.. and more.. 🙂

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