Metroid Prime 4 and Other Switch Games Announced for 2018 and Beyond

Metroid Prime 4 and Other Switch Games Announced for 2018 and Beyond

At Nintendo’s E3 2017 Nintendo Spotlight event, they showed off several games that will release in 2017, but also a few strong announcements for 2018 and beyond. Let’s take a look at what awaits us in the Nintendo Switch’s future.

Metroid Prime 4

The biggest announcement was a short tease for Metroid Prime 4. We don’t know what this new game will involve or when it will come out, but it’s exciting to know a new Metroid Prime game is on the way.


A new Kirby game is also coming in 2018. This HD Kirby game will feature additional characters you can recruit as helpers, with optional multiplayer.


Yoshi will also star in a new adventure on the Switch in 2018. This adorable side-scrolling platformer lets you “flip” each stage to search both its front and back. Two players will be able to play together.


Finally, while it might not be out for a while and we don’t know anything about it, The Pokémon Company confirmed that a new core Pokémon game is in development for the Nintendo Switch.

In Conclusion

A new Metroid Prime game, a main Pokémon entry, and new games for Kirby and Yoshi make the Switch’s future look bright. Which of these do you most want to learn more about?

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  1. Love the look of that Yoshi title, great to see Kirby too. I suppose Smash and Animal Crossing, Pokemon might be shown next year. Still awaiting that kirby 3ds title for holiday of this year… maybe they will show tomorrow.

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