Why I’m Excited for Miitopia

Why I’m Excited for Miitopia

When Nintendo first announced a Mii-themed RPG for the 3DS, a lot of fans weren’t quite sure what to make of it. As time passed, however, many people began hoping this quirky game would be localized. With a worldwide release planned for July 28, let’s talk about what Miitopia is and why I’m excited for it.

Instead of starring its own original characters like in most RPGs, the party of heroes in Miitopia is made up of your Miis. This means your characters can be people you know, your own creations, or Miis based on other fictional characters. These Mii characters will interact with each other on their own in Miitopia. If that part sounds familiar, it’s because it’s very similar to the premise of Tomodachi Life.

But while Tomodachi Life gave you little more to do than watch and manage your Miis as they went about their daily lives, Miitopia is an RPG. Your Miis are on a quest to stop the Demon King, it features turn-based combat and a variety of RPG classes, and your Miis’ relationships with each other determine how well they perform in battle.

In short, Miitopia has the potential to provide all the wacky absurdity that made Tomodachi Life fun, along with a decent turn-based RPG experience. As a fan of both, I can’t wait to send a ridiculous party into the fray to stop the Demon King when Miitopia comes out on July 28.

What are your expectations and hopes for Miitopia?

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  1. Love quirky games like this

  2. Tomodachi Life was cool for a couple months but started to feel like a chore eventually. However, in that relatively short amount of time there was some very interesting and enjoyable things going on. Maybe I’ll revisit Blue Shell Island at some point. My interest is peaked but for this game I’ll wait to see how well it’s received before decide on getting it or not.

  3. It was sorta like AC where you felt the need to have to go back in the game daily, if not more. I was doing daily play for a few months with it, then something else came out and I never had a chance to revisit.

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