Expectations for Ever Oasis

Expectations for Ever Oasis

Ever Oasis was announced last E3, and we now know it will be out for the Nintendo 3DS on June 23. It has some impressive names behind it. The developer, Grezzo previously worked on the 3DS Legend of Zelda games as well as The Legend of Legacy. The director and producer is Koichi Ishii, who is famous for creating the Mana series.

From what we’ve seen so far, we can roughly split the gameplay into two types. You’ll need to build and manage your oasis, but you’ll also venture into dungeons to fight enemies and solve puzzles. Ever Oasis is one of the upcoming 3DS games I’m most excited about, so let’s discuss our expectations for this action RPG.

First off, Ever Oasis looks adorable. Its style is somewhat reminiscent of Fantasy Life, and the little penguin-like creatures called Noot are hard to overlook. This already gives it a sense of charm.

Of course, charm alone isn’t enough to carry a game. What about its gameplay? The combat itself looks somewhat simple, but the ability to switch between party members at the press of a button to use their abilities gives it enough of a twist to stand out. Its dungeon exploration looks similar to The Legend of Zelda, with puzzles that rely on certain party members’ special skills.

Meanwhile, setting up shops, recruiting new characters to expand your village, and managing the oasis sounds like the village-building aspect has a lot of potential. I’m also curious to see where the story goes. While it might be more focused on gameplay than story, Ever Oasis does have a plot about the main character searching for their brother and fighting the forces of Chaos.

When the game launches on June 23, I hope to see fun gameplay, an interesting story, and a charming world that’s difficult to leave. What are your expectations for Ever Oasis?

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  1. wow, can’t believe this comes out this month already!!! almost forgot!

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