Our Nintendo E3 2017 Predictions

Our Nintendo E3 2017 Predictions

Nintendo will hold a digital “Nintendo Spotlight” event during E3 2017, and as always, we hope it will be filled with exciting game announcements and surprises. Let’s make a few predictions about what we might see from Nintendo at this year’s E3.

Switch Virtual Console

The Virtual Console for the Nintendo Switch has yet to be unveiled. E3 seems like the perfect time for a quick overview of how it will work and an announcement of the initial lineup of games it will have available.


We know Super Mario Odyssey will be featured this year, but could we see anything else from Nintendo’s massive franchise? The time feels right for a new Mario Party title (preferably without the car), and maybe we’ll hear something about the rumored crossover between Mario and Rabbids. If we’re really lucky, maybe they’ll announce a new Paper Mario game in the style of the originals, or The Thousand-Year Door HD.


We’re long overdue for a new main-series Metroid game, whether it’s a 2D game or a new Metroid Prime. After the lackluster reception to Federation Force, a new Metroid announcement would be perfect.


Meanwhile, we should see something more from Xenoblade Chronicles 2… and many fans have wondered if the Wii U exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X might receive a Nintendo Switch port. The potential for Wii U games to be ported to the Switch opens up many other possible game announcements, as well.

In Conclusion

Of course, these are only a few predictions for game announcements. Nintendo will probably also show off more gameplay from upcoming 3DS games like Ever Oasis and Miitopia, and maybe touch on future mobile game plans.

What do you expect to see from Nintendo at E3 2017?

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  1. really hoping we see was Retro is doing.. and Metroid. I want some 3DS surprises too…

  2. As unlikely as it is, I have a small feeling it’s going to be a new Diddy Kong Racing title as that was rumored a good while back too. Good fit considering Retro’s track record with DK.

  3. That would be really awesome for Diddy Kong racing.. I mean Diddy isn’t in MK8D, they have to be holding him back for something 🙂

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