May 21 – May 27: This Week in Nintendo News

May 21 – May 27: This Week in Nintendo News


This was an exciting week for Monster Hunter fans, as Capcom announced Monster Hunter XX Switch Ver. This updated version of Monster Hunter X (Monster Hunter Generations) came out for the 3DS on March 18. Now, a Nintendo Switch version is planned for August 25. It will feature save transfers and cross-play with the 3DS version.

However, there is still no news about whether either version of Monster Hunter XX will be localized.

Nintendo Switch fans can also look forward to Golf Story, an indie game announced for the Nintendo Switch that promises eight unique environments and a dramatic story alongside golfing challenges.

Golf Story was certainly a surprise, but one that should prove interesting.

Meanwhile, Bandai Namco announced that the Switch version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be out this fall in North America, with ad-hoc play, support for motion controls, and two-player local battles.

This week also saw a surge of new information about the rumored Mario-Rabbids crossover, with leaked slides and artwork for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. This new information suggests it will be a turn-based RPG where you control a character named Tuttorio, rather than having direct control over the 8 main characters. From the description, it sounds as though it might be a strategy RPG.

While the premise for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is still bizarre, particularly with the main characters wielding laser guns and phrases such as “badass princess” in the slides, it’s becoming increasingly more likely that this rumored game actually exists. Perhaps we’ll get an official announcement at E3.

In other Switch news, Level-5 announced that they’re working on something for the Nintendo Switch. Natsume also teased more Nintendo announcements for E3, although we don’t know if they will be related to the Switch or the 3DS.

3DS news was light this week, but Arc Systems Works released the opening movie for Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk. Only one game (and its remake) in the Jake Hunter detective series has ever been localized before, but fans are hopeful that this new entry might make its way west.

Speaking of 3DS games fans hope to see localized, Square Enix revealed information about Dragon Quest XI’s mini-games, which include horse racing and a casino. It will also include a “Restricted Play System” that allows you to create special challenges by restricting your gameplay, such as removing the ability to buy items.

As for the Nintendo Switch version, they said “various circumstances” prevent them from discussing it just yet, but they’ll have information to share when the time is right. Here’s hoping that time is E3, preferably alongside localization news.

In Conclusion

Those were the highlights of this week in Nintendo news. What announcements interest you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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