Nintendo Reveals ARMS Demo and Splatoon 2 Story Mode

Nintendo Reveals ARMS Demo and Splatoon 2 Story Mode

During the special Nintendo Direct for ARMS, Nintendo revealed several new pieces of information about the upcoming Switch game. One of the most interesting is that you’ll get a chance to try out ARMS for yourself through a special “Global Testpunch” demo.

Like Splatoon’s Global Testfire demos, the Global Testpunch will be available on specific days. The first round will be on May 26-28, and the second will take place on June 2-4. Further details about gameplay times will come soon. In order to play, you’ll need to download the free demo from the Nintendo eShop.

In addition to the Global Testpunch, Nintendo unveiled three new characters: Kid Cobra, Byte & Barq, and Twintelle. This brings the current roster of fighters up to 10. ARMS will be supported with free updates after its launch to add new characters, stages, and ARMS.

Many different gameplay modes will be available in ARMS:

  • Fight – two fighters battle each other one-on-one
  • Team Fight – players fight in pairs, attached by strings, for two-on-two battles
  • V-Ball – you must try to knock an explosive ball into your opponent’s volleyball court
  • Hoops – grab your opponents and throw them through the hoop
  • Skillshot – break as many targets as you can
  • 1-on-100 – fight 100 enemies in a row, one at a time
  • Arms Test – try random ARMS combinations
  • Training – practice various drills

Additionally, ARMS supports both local and online multiplayer, with a local Grand Prix, online Party Match, online Ranked Match, and Local Wireless modes. In-game currency you earn while playing can be exchanged to get new ARMS, and duplicates have additional attack power.

Although the Nintendo Direct was primarily focused on ARMS, Nintendo also revealed Splatoon 2’s single-player story mode with a new trailer.

Following the Squid Sisters Stories, Splatoon 2’s story begins with Marie sending the player on a quest to find Callie and the Great Zapfish. It will also help players learn new tricks to use in multiplayer.

Are you planning to participate in the ARMS Global Testpunch? Did you enjoy the new information revealed about it and Splatoon 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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