Story and Characters Revealed for Culdcept Revolt

Story and Characters Revealed for Culdcept Revolt

Curious to know more about Culdcept Revolt, the collectible card strategy board game being localized for the 3DS on August 29? NIS America has now updated the official website with information about the story and characters.

In Quest Mode, you’ll play as a young man named Allen who wakes up in the city of Celphas with no memory. In this city, Cepters (people who can use the Culdcept cards) are hunted down and killed. Allen remembers his own Cepter powers and joins a rebel group called the Free Bats to fight the city’s tyrannical leader, Count Kraniss.

The website includes details about 10 major characters:

Allen – the main character, who is searching for clues about his lost memories.

Alicia – the leader of the Free Bats, who hopes to lead them to freedom outside the city.

Sych – Alicia’s second-in-command, who would prefer to fight the Count instead of escaping.

Tenet – a member of the Free Bats who grew up in a monastery.

Yuma – a member of the Free Bats who is suspicious of people, including Allen.

Gen – the youngest member of the Free Bats, who keeps up the group’s morale.

Count Kraniss – the tyrant who rules over the city and eliminates any Cepters not under his command.

Nighthawk – a Cepter hired by the Count to hunt down Cepters, although he doesn’t owe him any true loyalty.

Zonx – the “Wandering Executioner” who searches the city for rebel Cepters.

Hypna – a high-ranking Cepter in the Count’s army who uses hypnosis and illusions to fight.

In addition to the story mode, Culdcept Revolt will feature over 150 single-player challenge stages. Are you looking forward to it when it launches at the end of August?

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