Top Characters We Hope Will Return in Layton’s Mystery Journey

Top Characters We Hope Will Return in Layton’s Mystery Journey

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy passes the puzzle-solving torch to Professor Layton’s daughter Katrielle as she searches for clues about her father’s disappearance. While we should expect a new cast of characters, it was recently confirmed that recurring characters Granny Riddleton and Stachenscarfen will also appear.

With that in mind, let’s talk about some other characters we hope to see return.

Luke Triton

Before the game was revealed, many fans theorized that Layton’s apprentice Luke would take over for him as the series’ protagonist. Luke should be a young man now, and it’s hard to believe he wouldn’t be concerned about the professor’s apparent disappearance. Unless Luke vanished along with Professor Layton, he’s a logical character to expect to see.

Flora Reinhold

It also would be quite a surprise if Flora did not appear. While never specifically confirmed by the games, it is largely assumed that Professor Layton adopted her after the events of the first game. His daughter and adopted daughter should know each other, which makes this a good opportunity for Flora to return in a supporting role.

Alfendi Layton

While the announcement of Professor Layton’s daughter has raised numerous questions of “Who is the mother?” from fans, anyone who played the mobile spin-off Layton Brothers: Mystery Room had already asked that about Alfendi, Professor Layton’s son. It has never been quite clear if Layton Brothers is canon or not, but if it is, it would be nice for Alfendi to make an appearance and confirm it. After all, he and Katrielle should be brother and sister.

(Plus, tying Alfendi to a main-series game might increase our chances of getting a Layton Brothers sequel.)

Emmy Altava

Emmy didn’t appear in the original trilogy, but she took on the role as Professor Layton’s assistant in the prequel trilogy and was one of its major characters. Although she parted ways with the others at the end of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, the Professor Layton Guidebook released in Japan included a letter from Emmy about her own investigations after the trilogy. If they stayed in touch, she might be just the person to return when this new mystery begins.


Inspector Chelmey and Constable Barton appear regularly throughout the Professor Layton games, and by the time of Layton Brothers, Barton has become the Commissioner of Scotland Yard (although again, the entire game might not be canon). It’s not a stretch to guess that Katrielle’s detective work might put her in contact with the police department, and maybe we’ll see some familiar faces there.

In Conclusion

While they might be obvious picks, these are our choices for the top characters we’d like to see return in Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy. While the game might prefer to  feature primarily a new cast, it would be strange for Professor Layton’s other children to not make an appearance. Of course, the professor himself is also a candidate, unless his disappearance will provide the overarching plot for a new trilogy.

Who do you want to see back in the newest Professor Layton game?

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