Blaster Master Zero Update Brings Destroyer Mode, New Characters, and More

Blaster Master Zero Update Brings Destroyer Mode, New Characters, and More

Blaster Master Zero, the Blaster Master remake released for the Switch and 3DS in March by Inti Creates, is about to receive even more content in its first major update.

According to the information provided by Go Nintendo, the version 1.2 update will include a new difficulty mode called Destroyer Mode, a special mode called EX Character Mode that lets you play as new characters with their own abilities and weapons, and the first EX Character option.

Destroyer Mode is perfect for players who want a challenge. It removes the effects of the Energy Guard and Life Up items, makes you use different gun levels in order to do damage, and causes destroyed enemies to fire out bullets on side-view maps. It also changes the colors of Jason and SOPHIA III.

For EX Character Mode, not only will the new characters have different gameplay styles, each new character will be available for free for the first two weeks. The first character being added is Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt. He will be free to download from May 4 until May 17, at which point the price will change to $1.99. On June 1, Ekoro from Gal Gun will be added. Likewise, she’ll be free until June 14 and cost $1.99 afterwards.

Check out the 1.2 update trailer to see these new modes and characters in action.

If you haven’t made up your mind about playing Blaster Master Zero yet, you’re in luck. A Blaster Master Zero demo will be available as of May 3. This demo will include two stages, the Forest Area stage and the Industrial Area stage.

The 1.2 update should be available for the Switch on May 3 and the 3DS on May 4. Let us know your thoughts on this update in the comments below.

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  1. have yet to play this but a lot of my friends say it’s really great and the HD rumble is pretty cool 🙂

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