Nintendo to Skip E3 Press Conference, Most Likely for a Digital Event

Nintendo to Skip E3 Press Conference, Most Likely for a Digital Event

During Nintendo’s recent financial results briefing, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima announced that once again, they will not have a large-scale press conference at E3. They will announce their E3 plans at a later date.

This has alarmed some fans, who see this as a sign that Nintendo might have a small E3 presence this year like they did last year, when The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was both their focus and the only game playable on the show floor. However, Nintendo hasn’t had an E3 stage show since 2012. Ever since 2013, they skipped that in favor of a special Digital Event.

These Digital Events can be just as effective as a stage show for Nintendo, and most likely they will have a similar event this E3. Since they haven’t announced their other E3 plans yet, we hope they will have a full lineup of games on the floor, instead of last year’s single-game focus. There is currently no indication that they won’t.

E3 2017 will be the first year E3 where Nintendo discusses the Switch. Between upcoming Switch games and continued support for the 3DS, we hope it will be filled with exciting new game announcements. While they may not have a traditional press conference, this E3 could still be a strong showing for Nintendo.

What are your hopes for Nintendo at E3 2017?

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  1. Games, Games, Games, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 still making the 2017 launch date 🙂

    • I’ll cross my fingers for localization of The Great Ace Attorney, as I usually do. A surprise Bayonetta 3 announcement for Switch would also be nice.

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