Nintendo Announces the New 2DS XL

Nintendo Announces the New 2DS XL

The 3DS line still has many games in its future, and now Nintendo is releasing a new model. If you’re interested in the improved capabilities of the New Nintendo 3DS, but have no interest in the 3D feature, then you might want to look into the newly-announced New Nintendo 2DS XL.

Unlike the original 2DS model, the New Nintendo 2DS XL features a clamshell design. Its screen is the size of a New Nintendo 3DS XL screen, and it features NFC support for amiibo cards and figures. Although it has 2D visuals only, it can play New Nintendo 3DS games in addition to 3DS and DS games.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL will be available on July 13 in Japan and July 28 in North America and Europe. Hey! Pikmin and Miitopia will be available on that day, as well. The system will cost $149.99.

For players interested in upgrading their 3DS model, this feels like an ideal compromise between the 2DS and the New 3DS. Are you planning to buy a New Nintendo 2DS XL?

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  1. very sleek looking.

    • I was never interesting in the original 2DS, but this looks more appealing with its New 3DS features and the clamshell design.

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