Splatoon 2’s Background Begins After the Last Splatfest

Splatoon 2’s Background Begins After the Last Splatfest

Last July, Splatoon players competed in one final Splatfest. Splatfests were special events where players would pick a team (based on some sort of preference, such as Cats or Dogs, Pirates or Ninjas, Burgers or Pizza, etc.) and fight battles to see which team would be declared victorious.

The final Splatfest asked players to pick between the game’s Squid Sister mascot characters, Callie and Marie. Marie’s team won, and it sounds as though this might actually play into Splatoon 2’s story.

Only Marie appeared in Splatoon 2’s initial trailer, which led some players to speculate that Callie died until Nintendo clarified that both Squid Sisters would return in Splatoon 2. However, even though Callie will return, the Squid Sister Stories on Splatoon 2’s website indicate that all is not well.

“About nine months have passed since the final Splatfest.

“Twilight lowers its curtain on Inkopolis. Neon signs paint the dusk in brilliant shades of green and pink. The Squid Sisters dance on, as though driven by the Inkling love of battling for turf.

“Memories such as these linger, vividly etched in my mind, but feel too like remnants of a long-forgotten past.

“It happened the night the final Splatfest came to an end.

“The showdown of Callie versus Marie ended in victory for Marie, but there was no ill will between the two. The girls left the studio arm in arm, smiling and laughing as they always had. The bond between them would continue, unbroken, for years to come.

“Or so it seemed at the time…”

Whether this will tie into Splatoon 2’s story mode or not remains to be seen, but it sounds like the last Splatfest is now part of Splatoon 2’s canon. That’s an unusual storytelling direction to take, and it will be interesting to see where Nintendo goes with this.

What happened to break the sisters’ bond? Where did Callie go? Nintendo should add a new section of Squid Sister Stories eventually to explain, unless the answers are being saved for the game itself. As we wait for updates, let us know what you think about the Squid Sister Stories and the impact of the final Splatfest.

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