Kamiko Launches for the Switch on April 27 in the West

Kamiko Launches for the Switch on April 27 in the West

Kamiko is a pixel graphics action game for the Nintendo Switch, developed by Skipmore and published by Flyhigh Works. It came out in Japan on April 13, and it will be available in the West on April 27. It is a digital-only game available from the Nintendo eShop for $4.99.

Kamiko puts players in control of three priestesses who might fight demons, solve puzzles, and break the seals on magical gates called Torii. It describes itself as “an arcade action game.”

The developer, Skipmore previously made Fairune, a puzzle-based action RPG that is available on the 3DS. Like Fairune, Kamiko is a short game, but it received a positive reception in Japan (and since the Japanese version can be played in English, several players in the West have already tried it).

Are you interested in picking up Kamiko when it becomes available for the Switch?

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  1. this looks really nice, hope it sells good for the dev.

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