Super Bomberman R Update Available, Future Characters Announced

Super Bomberman R Update Available, Future Characters Announced

The promised free update for Super Bomberman R is now available. This brings the game up to Version 1.3, which adds:

  • Four new VS stages (White Cross, Lagoon, Max Speed, and Power Zone)
  • Two new accessories (Crowns and Bombs)
  • Frame rate improvements
  • Less lag when all participants in an Online Battle have a good network connection, which you can search for from Other > Basic Settings > Network Settings
  • The ability to change the inclination of the map in Story Mode with L/R, and change the camera position from Other > Basing Settings
  • The ability to choose COM strength in Multiplayer Battle Mode
  • Adjusted strength for the Five Dastardly Bombers in Story Mode
  • Lessened difficulty for Beginner and Normal modes
  • Adjusted heights and slopes
  • The ability to continue without paying gems after you continue a certain number of times in Story Mode
  • Adjusted Battle Point increase/decrease rate for League Battle
  • Minor bug fixes


This sounds like a fairly substantial update that should improve the Super Bomberman R experience all around, while also giving players new stages to try.  Meanwhile, Konami also announced that Belmont Bomber (Castlevania), Pyramid Head Bomber (Silent Hill), and Vic Viper Bomber (Gradius) will be added in the future.

Are you excited for these additions to Super Bomberman R? Let us know your thoughts on this update (and the interesting selection of upcoming characters) in the comments below.

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  1. excited to see this get more support!

    • Pyramid Head in a game like this is hilariously weird.

      • Yes lol. Konami really is surprising me here. Glad to see the game selling fairly well too, i guess that is part of the reason for continued support.

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