Arms Launches June 16, Followed By Splatoon 2 on July 21

Arms Launches June 16, Followed By Splatoon 2 on July 21

The recent Nintendo Direct focused on two upcoming multiplayer games for the Nintendo Switch, Arms and Splatoon 2. Nintendo showed off additional gameplay, explained new details, and announced the release dates for both of these games.


In Arms, the unique fighting game for the Switch that features extendable arms, players will be able to equip two types of customizable arms at a game. They have different combat styles, as well as different effects, such as fire, ice, and electricity.

In addition to showing a mini-game in which you can win new Arms, Nintendo also introduced a new fighter: Min Min, who “fights using ramen and martial arts.” Arms will be available on June 16.

Check out Min Min and the new gameplay footage in the video below.

Splatoon 2

Just over a month after the release of Arms, Switch players will be able to dive into the sequel to Nintendo’s surprise multiplayer hit, Splatoon. Splatoon 2 will be out on July 21.

In the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo detailed amiibo functionality for Splatoon 2 (as well as three new Splatoon amiibo), as well as a four-player co-op mode called Salmon Run, where players team up to fight a new type of enemy called the Salmonids. Check out Salmon Run gameplay footage and other Splatoon 2 details in this entertaining video.

Arms and Splatoon 2 both give multiplayer fans something exciting to look forward to this summer. What do you think about the new features shown?

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  1. solid line-up considering MK8D is late April.. basically May

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