Free DLC Announced for Super Bomberman R

Free DLC Announced for Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R launched alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3, and while this new Bomberman game hasn’t had the best reception so far, players now have more Super Bomberman R content to look forward to.

During a Konami-sponsored live stream from The Game Theorists, they showed a brief teaser of new levels for Super Bomberman R, followed by the announcement that this DLC will be coming soon.

Best of all, the DLC will be available for free.

Konami doesn’t often release DLC for free, so it’s nice to see them supporting Super Bomberman R with new content in this way. From the teaser, it appears that both new levels and new characters will be included, although we don’t know how big the DLC will be.

What do you think of Super Bomberman R? Are you looking forward to the upcoming free DLC?

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  1. nice to see Konami giving the game support. I am having fun with the game aside from server lag early on. It wasn’t so bad since the update.

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