The Features and Tools of RPG Maker Fes

The Features and Tools of RPG Maker Fes

RPG Maker Fes is on its way to the Nintendo 3DS this summer, and the official website has been updated with details about the features and tools this RPG creation program has to offer.

Multiple Worlds and Games

Don’t think you’ll be limited to a single world map for your game. RPG Maker Fes allows you to create multiple world maps to switch between, and the game’s preset assets will help you craft each area.

And if you have an SD card, you can save up to 16 RPGs at a time.

Characters and Monsters

You’ll be able to customize your characters’ appearance, name, job, and stats. (Preset character graphics and sprites will also be available if you don’t want to start from scratch.) You can also customize their abilities, finishing moves, armor and weapons, and items. Special animation effects can make your attacks more exciting.

Monsters and enemies can be customized, as well, with 6 attributes, 9 resistances, and a number of other variables, such as item drops.


Through use of the Event List in RPG Maker Fes, you’ll be able to trigger events in your game. 10 commands, including Message Control, Movement Control, and Condition Control, allow you to create the game events you need to tell your story.

Variables allow you to trigger events based on certain criteria or influence stats and abilities. You can test any event immediately using a streamlined, user-friendly interface.


Sometimes, you’ll want your characters to be blocked from a certain space, but other times, you’ll want the ability to pass through areas that look impassable. With the collision system in RPG Maker Fes, you can use a simple visual interface to determine how collision works.

In Conclusion

RPG Maker Fes offers users a wide variety of tools to customize their game as much as they want. Will you be making RPGs on your 3DS this summer?

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