Sonic Forces Officially Announced, First Gameplay Video

Sonic Forces Officially Announced, First Gameplay Video

We knew the new Sonic game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but now we have more than just the working title of “Project Sonic 2017.” Sega has officially revealed it as Sonic Forces, due out this holiday season.

The title refers to the forces of good facing off against the forces of evil, and its gameplay has been described as “an evolution of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations.” It will have three gameplay styles: Classic Sonic gameplay, Modern Sonic gameplay, and a third style that hasn’t been revealed yet. High-speed gameplay, platforming, and exploration will all be present.

Check out this first look at Sonic Forces.

This gameplay specifically focuses on Modern Sonic’s gameplay style. According to the trailer, Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic will team up in this adventure. We don’t know yet if the third gameplay style corresponds to a third character or not.

Sonic the Hedgehog hasn’t does as well as it used to with some of its recent games, but with the team that made Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations at the helm, this could be the revival many Sonic fans have been waiting for.

Are you looking forward to Sonic Forces?

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