Indie Publisher Playdius Confirms Four Nintendo Switch Games

Indie Publisher Playdius Confirms Four Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch has a long list of “Nindies” planned for the eShop in 2017, and four of them will be published by a new indie publisher called Playdius.

So far, four titles from Playdius have been confirmed as Nintendo Switch games:

  • sU and the Quest for meaning, a 2D game described as an “endless hardcore platformer”

  • NeuroVoider – a twin-stick shooter with rogue-lite elements and both single-player and co-op gameplay

  • Pankapu – a story-driven action platformer, originally released in two parts

  • Away: Journey to the Unexpected – an anime-inspired first-person adventure game

Are you interested in any of these four games? What sorts of indie games are you hoping to see on the Nintendo Switch?

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